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The RAIN Eugene startup resources page is a broad list of startup resources for entrepreneurs and small businesses in Oregon, with an additional focus on resources in the Eugene/Springfield area. It can facilitate connections for early stage companies that are in need of mentorship, funding, network relationships and space for development. It is by no means all-inclusive, so if you have a resource you would like to contribute, contact us at info@raineugene.org.

Business and Industry Associations

Arts & Business Alliance of Eugene

Brings together the arts and business communities to enrich the Eugene-Springfield area.

Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce

A RAIN Partner and local institution that brings local businesses together to form networks and pro-business initiatives.

Green Lane Sustainable Business Network

A membership organization providing education, resources, networking and marketing ideas for Lane County businesses committed to sustainable business practices.

Oregon Entrepreneurs Network (OEN)

Organization that educates, supports and advocated for Eugene’s entrepreneurial community to accelerate business growth and employment opportunities

Oregon Small Business Association

Promotes a positive business environment through education, research, lobbying and legal action on the federal, state, county and local level.

Silicon Shire

A community that offers technology businesses a supportive infrastructure to build and grow and that advocates for the technology and software industry in Eugene.

Springfield Chamber of Commerce

A local institution that supports and advocates for the Springfield business community.

Women’s Business Network Eugene

An alliance of local business and professional women fostering mutual success in the Eugene-Springfield community.

Oregon Bioscience Association

Organization that represents Oregon bioscience companies.

Portland Business Alliance

A business advocacy group with over 1,600 member companies in the region.

Excell Oregon

Offers executives peer-to-peer mentoring to help them achieve and sustain growth and profitability.

Technology Association of Oregon

Drives economic development for the region’s technology sector by promoting, connecting and advocating for software or technology related companies.

Co-working Spaces

Code Chops

A co-working space place where micro & small businesses, entrepreneurs, and StartUps can run and grow their companies.

Eugene Mindworks

A place for entrepreneurs, startups and the self-employed to collaborate, innovate and grow.

Fertilab Thinkubator

A space for co-working and business incubation alongside mentors and educational programming.

Hatch@Sprout Incubator

Kitchen space with a 3000 sq ft facility that is an optimal solution for businesses in need of additional production capacity.


Angel Conferences

Willamette Angel Conference

Spring conference that awards up to $200,000 to an early-stage startup company.

OEN’s Angel Oregon

Annual conference is held in April and includes a half-day event. Awards approximately $250,000 each year.

Bend Venture Conference

Annual conference held in October each year with an investment of $250,000.

Seattle Angel Conference

Annual conference held in November each year with an investment around $150,000.

Roseburg Angel Investor Network

The conference is held in the fall with an investment worth approximately $200,000.

Angel Groups

Oregon Angel Fund

Invests approximately $5 million per year into companies in Oregon and Washington. Investments range from $100,000 to almost $900,000.

Keiretsu Forum

Part of the largest angel investment group in the world, Keiretsu also has the highest rate of funding in the Pacific Northwest.

Portland Seed Fund

Provides $25,000 in investments, mentors and peers to nurture companies. Companies that perform well in 90 days are given additional support.

Southern Oregon Angel Investment Network

The group holds their annual conference in April, with investments typically around $200,000.

Cascade Angels

Year-round fund that supports startups in central Oregon.

The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE)

Supports top-tier emerging companies with early stage investment and support.

Zino Society

Seattle-based angel funding group.

Seed Funding

University of Oregon Foundation Seed Fund

Year-round fund that invests in companies from the Eugene-Springfield ara.

University of Oregon RAINMaker Seed Grants

Provides support to startups based at the University of Oregon.

Oregon State University Venture Fund

Provides capital to entrepreneurial programs at OSU.

Venture Capital

Voyager Capital

A west coast VC with most investments made in the IT industry.

Seven Peaks Ventures

West cost VC with a broad, non-specific industry focus.

Capybara Ventures

Invests in California (Silicon Valley) and Oregon companies.

DFJ Frontier

Part of the DFJ network. Focuses on early-stage startups on the west coast.

Pivotal Investments

Interested in green technologies and early stage Northwest companies.

Endeavor Capital

A west coast VC with focus in food, logistics, education, niche manufacturing, business services, and healthcare.

Equilibrium Capital

Focuses on sustainable technologies, including renewable energy and healthy water.


A VC with an interest in early stage software startups.

Intel Capital

Provides a variety of capital funds centered on IT and computing technology.

Madrona Venture Group

VC with a focus on companies from the Northwest.

Northwest Technology Ventures

Portland-based, formation stage venture funds focused on technology research.

Micro Loans

Mercy Corps Northwest

Provides loans to small companies that range from $500 to $50,000.

Oregon Entrepreneurial Development Loan Fund

Provides a maximum loan of $50,000 to startups with less than $500,000 in revenue.


Hatch Oregon

Platform for raising investment revenue from Oregon citizens.


Traditional crowdfunding platform. Unlike Kickstarter, you keep the funds you raise even if you do not reach your goal.


One of the first crowdfunding platforms. Campaigns have limited timelines and must meet their goal to be funded.

Government Resources


Small Business Administration

A wide variety of resources that range from concept to the nuts and bolts of business administration.


Business Oregon

Economic development arm of the Oregon state government that is focused on growing startups from Oregen.

Oregon Business Express Startup Toolkit

Resource page of 6-steps for starting a business in Oregon.

State of Oregon Business Registry

This website will assist you with business registration with the State of Oregon.


City of Eugene: Business and Economic Development

A local government entity that offers an array of business services, including government funding in support of development.

City of Springfield: Business Resources and Programs

A local government entity offering business services and other pro-business municipal services.

Lane Business Link

Connect your business with a vast array of resources our cities, county and state have to offer.

Lane Workforce Partnership

Partnership between local government entities, industry, and entrepreneurs to create job opportunities for the citizens of Lane County.

Incubators and Accelerators

RAIN Eugene Accelerator

Provides a free, 12-week program to prepare startups for investment and the challenges of the market.

Food Innovation Center at OSU

Focuses on taking Northwest food products to market.

Hatch@Sprout Incubator

Kitchen space with a 3000 sq ft facility that is an optimal solution for businesses in need of additional production capacity.

Portland State Business Accelerator

Provides educational programs for entrepreneurs as well as office space and mentors.


Twelve week lean startup program in Bend that focuses on customer development and mentorship.

Portland Incubator Experiment (PIE)

Provides office space, mentoring, and access to branding services and connections.

Oregon Story Board

Accelerator program for startups involved in digital storytelling: media, video games, audio production, etc.

Oregon Technology Business Center

Offers office space, mentoring, workshops and courses for entrepreneurs and startups.

Fertilab Thinkubator

Provides access to incubation and mentors alongside coworking space.

OTRADI Bioscience Incubator

Facilitates scientific collaboration and the commercialization of new bioscience discoveries.

TiE Oregon

Connecting Portland entrepreneurs to national and international partners through special events and guest speakers.

Gorge Innoventure

Eight week company boot camp, provides meeting space, education and networking activities, and access to expertise and capital.

Oregon State University Advantage Accelerator

Connects resources at Oregon State University with entrepreneurship resources in Corvallis in cooperation with RAIN Corvallis.

Sustainable Valley Technology Group

Medfored-based accelerator that specializes in early stage technology.

Laboratory Spaces

Center for Advanced Materials Characterization in Oregon (CAMCOR)

A full service, comprehensive materials characterization center housed in the Lorry l. Lokey Laboratories at the University of Oregon.

Fertilab Thinkubator

Supports companies and individuals across a wide range of industries, with a particular interest in supporting the biotech community with lab facilities and equipment.

Oregon Nanoscience and Microtechnologies Institute (ONAMI)

World-class industry, academic and federal research institution working with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory to commercialize new products.

Research Park at the University of Oregon

Provides access to lab space adjacent to the University of Oregon campus.

Local Networking and Support


Community forum for game developers in Eugene

Code Chops (Meetup Group)

Organized around the Code Chops space, provides a forum for startup and tech conversations.

Eugene Startups (Meetup Group)

All-purpose meetup group for all things startup in Eugene.

Online Forums and Switchboards

Eugene Area Game Developers (Facebook Group)

The original home of the Bitforest community, and remains the best way to connect to the Eugene game development scene.

Eugene Tech Switchboard

Connect with the Eugene tech and startup community.

PDX Startups Switchboard

Connect with the Portland tech and startup community.

Oregon Signature Research Centers (SRC)

Oregon Nanoscience and Microtechnologies Institute (ONAMI)

World-class industry, academic and federal research institution working with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory to commercialize new products.

Oregon Built Environment & Sustainable Technologies (Oregon BEST)

Research center with the goal to facilitate the commercialization of sustainable energy solutions.


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