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RAIN Eugene is a network that connects entrepreneurs, local startups, development organizations and investors to create a seamless ecosystem where new ventures can launch and receive support from the larger startup community. As an entrepreneur, joining the RAIN network can help you connect with mentors, like-minded startup founders and people involved in your industry. Sign-up today so we can help you develop your company!

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    Are you a startup entrepreneur or small business owner? Share some information about your business or startup with us so we can better support your goals!

    Small business: a company employing 1-10 employees; most likely local or family owned. Designed to grow slowly over time.

    Startup: a new company that may or may not be incorporated. Usually includes 1-5 founders and is planning for rapid, scalable growth.

    Early Growth: a company that has exited the startup phase and is in process of aggressively expanding its market. Should be actively seeking new employees.

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