6 Reasons Why You Should Apply For The RAIN Eugene Accelerator

The RAIN Eugene accelerator is designed to help you local turn you product idea into a successfully traded sector scalable startup business. More simply, the accelerator has the resources local entrepreneurs need to turn their product ideas into successful businesses that benefit the founders and the community. Here are six ground-level reasons that you should apply to RAIN Eugene’s 16 week program to turn your idea into a sustainable business.

1. Peer Support – Support from group of founders who have already experienced the whirlwind of successes and failures that your early stage business is bound to encounter is huge. Your community of entrepreneurs will give continued insights about what you are going to experience as a business founder. The relationships you build while in the accelerator program will continue benefit you long after you have graduated the program.

2. Mentors – Having a great mentor or mentors can determine the course of your startup. Eugene RAIN has mentors from the local area who know how to grow a business because they all started where you are right now. Most of them didn’t have the resources of an accelerator to help them dodge the pitfalls that many startups plunge headlong into because of a lack of experience. Utilizing their shared wisdom from their successes and failures will be key as you become a successful entrepreneur. Expect a lot of feedback and direct constructive criticism that will get you ready to seek funding and outside support.

3. Funding – Great ideas for a product don’t usually have initial financial support for product and business development. Learning how to prepare you and your company for when you are ready to seek funding is one of RAIN Eugene’s primary goals. Our mentors will help not only craft your pitch, but they will advise you on how to prepare the financial documentation that investors will want to see.

4. Connecting – Your business network grows almost exponentially the moment your startup is enrolled in the RAIN Eugene Accelerator Program. Developing business contacts is as incredibly difficult as it is important for entrepreneurs. The RAIN Innovation Network connects you statewide and beyond with other entrepreneurs and investors whom have countless years of experience and resources to help you get your business growing.

5. Education – The curriculum for the 16 week program is taught by out standing leaders in business and entrepreneurial community. They will teach you marketing, startup accounting, product design, user testing, law and more with real-world applications. The foundation laid by our curriculum will provide the basic business principles to help ensure the future of your company.

6. Planning – Innovation and looking to the future go hand-in-hand. Great planning will allow your startup to have creative solutions to issues when they arise. This part of our program will help you create a detailed operations plan that will turn your entrepreneurial vision into reality. Once your team creates a compelling presentation in preparation for raising capital you will have a plan of attack for the year following the accelerator session.

There are countless other reasons that you should apply to become a part of the16-week program that will challenge you as a founder of an early growth-stage company with its intense training and mentoring. But maybe the most important part of joining the RAIN Eugene Accelerator Program is that your connection to resources and guidance from peers and mentors will continue for years after you graduate.

If you have questions about the RAIN Eugene Accelerator program or any of the happenings that your company could benefit from at RAIN Eugene, please contact Joe at joe@raineugene.org