New program offers free advice to startups

Successful companies—and successful entrepreneurs—are developed by the community around them. As an aspiring founder, you will constantly find yourself in situations where you don’t know the answer to a problem or, more likely, situations where you “don’t know what you don’t know.”

Having access to a mentor can help you refine your ideas and avoid critical mistakes as you start to build your company. A good mentor will help you evaluate your plan, connect you with important decision makers and provide honest and supportive advice about your company. Now, a new program, sponsored by RAIN Eugene, can help you connect with mentors and get the crucial advice your company needs to succeed.

RAIN Office Hours is a free, monthly program open to members of the community that provides advice to startups and founders. The drop-in program is open to new companies and new ideas alike, so founders and potential entrepreneurs are both encouraged drop in and get feedback on their ideas and current challenges.

During each session, mentors from the RAIN Eugene Accelerator program will be available to answer your questions. RAIN mentors are all experienced founders and entrepreneurs who have launched their own companies. Many have experience working with multiple companies or are still running the companies they launched.

The first session will take place on Thursday, August 28 from 9AM until 3PM at the RAIN Eugene Accelerator space, located on the upper floor of the Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce. Come with questions and problems and let our experienced mentors get you started down the right path!

By Andrew Stiefel